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by Housekeeping

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released February 16, 2012

All songs and performances: Griffey/Gullian except "Wichita Lineman" written by Jimmy Webb and performed by Housekeeping

Additional vocals on "Katie Goes Wild": Erin Silva
Additional vocals on "Dubious": Erin Silva, Olivia Mori and Linnea Vedder
Additional vocals on "Flamingos": Mira Cook
Additional vocals on "Greenhouse": Carey Sveen
Drums on "Flamingos": Michael Johnson

Cover Art: Sandra Javera



all rights reserved


Housekeeping Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Breeze Through
Another Monday in the reading room
Too much coffee to even think
Course you're out with the privileged few
Cause you breeze through

Our metal reverie, just a phase we all outgrew
Like drumming on a coffin lid
But you got signed and you never even tried
Cause you breeze through

Feel like I'm speeding, peaking in the back
Don’t know how you live this way
The raid on Ainslie, they got everyone but you
Cause you breeze through
Track Name: Katie Goes Wild
It's all the rage again
Drinking cheap champagne again
Your new fame is fleeting faster than me

Those new blondes you're pimping
Guess whose Jag they're smoking in?
Where were they when you were Chubbs McGee?

I'll stand by as Katie goes wild

Those boys just want to taste you
Emaciate and erase you
I just want to be your heroin

Call me a fool but fondly
Somewhere there's a comedy
Maybe I'll take up the mandolin

I'll stand by as Katie goes wild
We're on the same side
Track Name: Daytona
Woke up late
Could not stop dreaming
The best first date you’ve had in a month
or two

In a few days
you'll be exclusive
Put on a dress and head to Key West
too soon

You'll pull up the stakes and break it off
Too many lovers to be in love
You'll pull up the stakes and break it off

How long have we been driving?
I'm starting to think
that all our maps are lying
and TomTom's always wrong
Daytona's got the score
It's you just like before

The cabin awaits
This time no princes
Got the Woodser crew, so your stories are new
to them
Track Name: Friend of a Friend
Haul down the old canoe
I'm packing my things today
for a five night stay at Cap Est Lagoon
I’ll be there soon

Cause I heard that you're there
You and that lanky debonaire
Some French dude you met on a cruise
with the girls from St. Clare's
Does he pull your hair?

I don’t wanna be
A friend of a friend again

I'm sure I'd feel more ashamed
But I'm lit up from all this
sweet 'ti punch they're giving away
Just here to ruin your day

Shipping out at 9:00
To snorkel with Nella and Mr. Right
But my plans go south when I find out
that he'll rob you blind
Hope you believe me this time

But you don't want to be
A friend of a friend again

I know it was all for show
Like your new phone
But somewhere between au pairs
We let go
Track Name: Dubious
Can you turn down the stereo?
Can't hear myself think
Got something smart to talk about
Put down your seventh drink

The drugs are wearing off (please don't talk)
You're not the girl I thought (please don't think)
Where are my shoes?

Had me hooked from the beginning
Said I looked like Jackson Browne
Did some coke in the Royal Oak bathroom
scored smack in Chinatown

The drugs are wearing off (please don't talk)
You're not the girl I thought (please don't think)
Where are my keys?

I should have known your taste was dubious
Making out to Al Jarreau
I should have blown you off or just told you off
Got up and called a car
But the leaves are changing
I can't sleep when I'm cold

How long has the record been skipping?
Hope you didn't lose your job
Just call in sick to the law firm or whatever
I'll go back to Maggie's farm

The drugs are wearing off (please don't talk)
You're not the girl I thought (please don't think)
We've got nothing in common
Maybe just one hit
Track Name: Missed Connections
I swear she was over again last night
Those jangling bracelets anyone could recognize
And the morning came and the migraines raged
There's no way this is happening
Cause you're the pearl of my world but better, better
And Katie you relieve all the pain
Of who I am

This improbable twist that binds you and me
it just makes us more outdated than a Grand Marquis
Dad’s whistling now like a warning bell
Is there a cabinet we could vanish in?
Cause you're the Ginny of my world but better, better
And lately you relieve all the pain
Of who I am

Hey, don’t be so self-centered kid
You know those swans you’re swimming with
So quickly change direction
Someday when there's vultures on the bridge
And no one's left to forgive
We’ll make that missed connection
Track Name: Flamingos
Every Christmas you'd get bitter
A traitor's holiday
Didn't I know it?
A senior told you in eighth grade

For a while you almost did it
We heard you went to Pratt
But a needy wiccan
and a couple bedbugs
drove you back

You're slowing down the days now
Looking for a couch to call your own
A window you can graze now
What use is heaven if you're not alone?

But you know you'll want this back (oh no)
Gloss over all the facts (oh no)
or you could embrace your doubt
and kick the flamingos out

Put your two weeks in at Spencer's
the deal is going down
didn't I know it
All your crushes are coming around
Track Name: Greenhouse
The snow is falling down
In the city
It's white just for a day

Let’s go walking now
While it’s pretty
C’mon what do you say?

It’s the photo session that
Pulls the curtains back
on us

Like prisoners of war
Tangled on the floor

In this greenhouse we grow invincible
In this timezone all our own

It’s the same guessing game
When you don’t trust anyone
But we never bring it up
Too sacred to bring up

The shore is frozen bare
In Bridgehampton
Drove out on a whim

Your hair a ceiling fan
Mine is blurry
That shutter speed again

All this sky for us to keep
And only our feet
to keep warm

No more words we need to hear
They’re just shells over our ears

In this greenhouse we are believable
Even wild strawberries know
Track Name: Pure Moods (Breeze Through reprise)