Getting Away With It

by Housekeeping

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All songs written and performed by Griffey/Gullian


released October 31, 2013

Additional vocals by Amira Nader ("Temporary Love") and Carey Sveen ("Victorian Girl")
Brian Mundy played the guitar solo on "Victorian Girl"

All songs recorded October 2012 - August 2013
Mastered by Mike Pecchio and Housekeeping
except "Breeze Through - 3rdParty Remix" remixed and mastered by Edward Dias

Cover photo by Catalina Aguilera



all rights reserved


Housekeeping Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Pyramid Lake
There’s fans at the gate
Seemed to have tapered off as of late
See my name slide to the back page

Laid low for a while
A while turned into a year, then nine
Took up gardening and wasting my time

Fame is just minutes away
But I can’t get there backwards
And so you wait
for Pyramid Lake

It wasn’t me
See how the ranks around me changed
Money takes and I never gave

I study the trees
I’ve become an ephemera geek
did you know that willows can speak?

I could always fake ‘em out
Like Nessie photographs
Crash a party for a laugh
Stay up late, and promise to change
But it’s just a longer wait

They’re bending the sky
So geese don’t fly
In V’s anymore

And now that it’s night
The page glows white
As it falls to the floor
Track Name: Mid Air Museum
You can’t hide in your smile
I know those cheeks by now
A hundred fans and a foreign van
Won’t let you settle down

You're running away
Splitting in two
I can’t freeze while you move

I know it’s a maze
A lie in repose
Our trail’s gone cold

You're holding high again
Reframed with wine
Got cosy inside
You want to try again
And I caved just like rattling ice

The data’s coming in too fast
I put the ring on but didn’t ask

I know it’s a maze
A lie in repose
Our trail’s gone cold

Someday is all we know
Presently we’re nothing though
This is like hanging a painting in a
mid-air museum
Track Name: Trapdoor
The table’s set in the cabin
But no one is around
I can hear the motor humming
And a wine cask rolling on the ground

Did they just disappear?
Wide eyes and open ears
No trace and nothing but space

We don’t need a paycheck anymore
I’m lost without a name
But maybe we can breathe again

The search party continues
On such a tranquil day
A wrecked Clipper but no sign of John
Did he cash in or maybe float away? (I think he did)

A neighbor saw his face
Anne already sold the place
Panama is lovely in spring

Anne, what have we done?
Kissing is no fun now
Is that a car pulling up?
Track Name: Victorian Girl
She’s simon-pure with five tattoos
She’s always sorry for the times she screwed you

She falls in love at every grave
Historical princess
But only goes a fourth of the way and misses

She makes the jewelry worn by stars
A rabbit’s head on a string in candlestick bronze

Her skin a fountain in my reach
Like college in Georgia
Her eyes alone could make you weep

Victorian girl (x4)

She trips on every other stair
How do you think the rips in her stockings got there?

One drink and she spills everything
She likes to spread rumors
You're stuck on "Dreams" and she’s the chain

Victorian girl (x3)
My shadow is your historian

One spider in the dark and it’s pack up and move
But true crime’s like a soothing back rub for you
Track Name: Temporary Love
Two of the Susans are calling
Traveling on other lines
Dialing up a new playground
and landing where we might

Same smile, same laugh every time
Still never get sick of it
This time, you choose the past
We’ll go visit it

Sentimental lies
Shouldn’t be
Sentimental lies
Holding me

Lately the streets are all softer
This Marathon is going sour
Losing all recall and quickly
Now daily by the hour

Temporary love
Should mean I can hold you