Missed Connections

by Housekeeping

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released September 25, 2011

Music and vocals: Griffey/Gullian
Additional vocals: Mira Cook
Cover art by Jesse Treece



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Housekeeping Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Missed Connections (Wintry Mix)
I swear she was over again last night
Those jangling bracelets anyone could recognize
And the morning came and the migraines raged
There's no way this is happening
Cause you're the pearl of my world but better, better
And Katie you relieve all the pain
Of who I am

This improbable twist that binds you and me
it just makes us more outdated than a Grand Marquis
Dad’s whistling now like a warning bell
Is there a cabinet we could vanish in?
Cause you're the Ginny of my world but better, better
And lately you relieve all the pain
Of who I am

Hey, don’t be so self-centered kid
You know those swans you’re swimming with
So quickly change direction
Someday when there's vultures on the bridge
And no one's left to forgive
We’ll make that missed connection
Track Name: Friend of a Friend
Haul down the old canoe
I'm packing my things today
for a five night stay at Cap Est Lagoon
I’ll be there soon

Cause I heard that you're there
You and that lanky debonaire
Some French dude you met on a cruise
with the girls from St. Clare's
Does he pull your hair?

I don’t wanna be
A friend of a friend again

I'm sure I'd feel more ashamed
But I'm lit up from all this
sweet 'ti punch they're giving away
Just here to ruin your day

Shipping out at 9:00
To snorkel with Nella and Mr. Right
But my plans go south when I find out
that he'll rob you blind
Hope you believe me this time

But you don't want to be
A friend of a friend again

I know it was all for show
Like your new phone
But somewhere between au pairs
We let go